Some airlines do not allow you to take animals on board. You must always inform the airline in advance if you plan to bring an animal with you. You should report it also to the check-in desk at the airport.
Yes, there is a prayer room In the international boarding area.
A passenger can change money at Diori Hamani International airport at the bank branch which is in the hall. Several ATMs are available at the airport.
Passengers can buy items from the duty-free shop on departure and arrival.
In Diori Hamani International Airport there is a public WiFi network that gives you access to the internet.
At Diori Hamani International Airport, smoking is only permitted in the designated areas in front of the Terminal building and the lucky smooky restaurant (boarding area). Smoking is prohibited inside at the Terminal
The airport is open at anytime.
You have to go and declare it to the lost and found office in the airport.
You can only take small quantities of liquids (max. 100ml) in your hand luggage. There is a ban on hazardous substances.
If the gate is not shown on your boarding pass, you can find the details on the information screens in the terminal.
Check-in counters are in the airport hall for luggages check-in.
Flight schedules are available on the airport's official website as well as the information screens installed in the terminal.
The check-in process starts approximately 2 to 3 hours prior to scheduled departure. Depending on airline companies, domestic or international check-in opening times may vary.