Summa Airports is part of Summa Tourism Investment Inc. company. Summa Airports is managing Diori Hamani International Airport since May 2019. As a Diori Hamani International Airport, we want to provide a comfortable guest experience to our passengers who spend time at the airport. To achieve our goals and dream we work as a team and we ensure that our passengers are happy while they are with us. Also, as an airport operator, our primary goal is to ensure that everything is safe for the benefit of our customers.

Summa Tourism Investment Inc. established by its Honorary President Mete Bora in 1989 in Ankara, Turkey, Summa carries out top-quality operations in 14 countries in various sectors ranging from construction to energy. With 2,500 employees on 4 continents across the globe, we strive to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. The company is well-positioned to undertake challenges globally, supporting clients in fulfilling their vision. Acting always under the leadership of our clients, we deliver milestone projects that aim to enhance the development and welfare of the communities where we work.